I am Weisel.

I suppose I need to begin by talking about myself? Maybe I can reveal that bit by bit throughout my blogs, weather or not I end up with many people reading this or not, I am reminding myself and everyone else that these are my thoughts, my opinions, my feelings and emotions, and I do not mean or intend to hurt or offend anyone in the process.

I will start by saying one story about myself, and proceed to do so each blog before I plough through my mind, so here goes.

“To tell you your story, let me tell you mine.” – Original Quote

This is one quote that I’ve realised once upon a time. I have always had way of digging deep within myself and finding something relatable to peoples situations or settings. I might not be the oldest of them all
(I will reveal my age eventually), but I have been through enough mayhem in my life to be able to speak out of experience. Let me start by giving a background of who I am.

I was brought up in a wonderful and loving household, great parents and wonderful siblings. We were never raised spoiled, actually we always had just enough to go about with our daily life. There was not a day, though, that my parents made me feel like I have any less than anyone else around me. They raised me to be a good kid, a decent kid, a loving, caring, and compassionate kid, and I curse them for that. With time, age, and experience, I realized that being that good is no way for someone to get anywhere in life, and i began to change. I became a little stronger, a little tougher, day by day, building a wall around my emotions, falling deeper into numbness, until I reached where I am today. Almost nothing phases me, nothing gets to me, the loss of friends and loved ones has become such a norm to me that it does not move me. I’ve accepted that more people go than come, that people take advantage of kindness and niceness, and that no one gives a single fuck about how you feel when it comes to their own agenda and benefits. So, this is who I am today, a broken soul, a lost mind and a hurting heart. My soul broke when I accepted that nothing comes afterwards, my mind lost its drive to improve and excel, and my heart hurts for the one true meaning of life that I have recently lost, yet here I am, still somehow fighting another day..

It is really tiring to be someone you are not, they say, but I believe that its even harder to be who you really are. Not a lot of people appreciate a true face, not a lot of people respect a true face, but the very rare ones that appreciate you for who you really are? Thats when it really pays off. My thought of the day is, be who you want to be, but you do you, and always remember, no one will give a shit about you as much as you.

“I am Weisel, You are Weisel, We are all Weisel, yet No one is Weisel.” 



4 thoughts on “I am Weisel.

  1. I agree, but in the beginning there was peace. You did not trust the fact of acceptance. Thus now subconsciously the “end” (maybe a new chapter) is really what your looking for…or need.

    Remember remember.

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