The Yellow Duckling

I am tired. My mind never sleeps and it never rests, I spend all day thinking and wondering about the stupidest and biggest things. “I could put a pink elephant with green polka dots on it, and you would only notice that there’s a fly on its side” my friend use to always tell me, which, in a way or another, is actually true.

I am tired. I have had a really long day over and over again, it’s just really exhausting when you never get proper sleep at night, and you are up all day trying to figure out what comes next in life. It’s a struggle to have a mind that won’t shut the fuck up, even when you’re sleeping. I wish it would just stop for a bit.

I am tired. My heart is really displaced everywhere, between family, friends, lost loved ones, career, and life in general. There is a different type of love that you present to different kinds of people, it’s not really easy to keep up sometimes. Sometimes you mix up one for the other and end up messing things up.

I am tired. You see, I struggle with the concept of a higher power, not that I don’t have faith in one, but that I wonder why things happen and for what reason. “Everything happens for a reason”, ok then, give me a reason for this or that, find me any logic in all the bad, ugly and disturbing things that happen in this wretched excuse of a world we live in.

I am really tired. It’s tough to be a type of person that no one understands and that no one can identify with. I’ve tried to explain myself so many times to people around me, and I realized that there’s no point, there are something inside that are best left inside.

I am exhausted. I’ve lost my breath trying to say and do things that people will understand, appreciate, or even leave me alone for. Just to go to waste. It’s tiring being the yellow duckling.


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