A new year, of some sort

So this year is done, with all its suffering and misery. This year is finally over, the year that carried many hard and shitty years before it. Everyone is hoping for a better year to come, for themselves and for the world they live in, for the world WE live in, but is that actually doable? Is it too hopeful to wish for a better year on this planet? Is it too much to ask for really?

Actually yes, it is too much to ask for. Sadly, there is way too much bad than good in the world we live in today, and that’s actually a shame. We’ve dug our heads too deep into the ground to realize that change is too difficult, almost impossible actually. We thrive to believing that “change comes from within”, or “change yourself to change your surroundings”, which might be the case in very particular scenarios, but it does not apply everywhere. There are still billions of people suffering daily, and if an individual changes their self, it really won’t make much of a difference.

Look, I’ve been told that I’m a pessimist, that I’m too dark and negative and cold, almost dead inside. That’s not true at all, I’m neither a pessimist or an optimist. I am a realist. I look at things in a very objective way, I look at facts and reality as it is, and a lot of people don’t like reality unfortunately. It is what it is, there’s no changing it, some things are just a fact of life. There must be evil for good to exist, there must be salt for sugar to be appreciated, and there must be rain for a rainbow to come forth.

What I’m trying to say is, no matter what happens, maybe the true point of all of this is just to have inner peace with facts, more than yourself. One can’t really be happy without inner peace, acceptance, embracing of the reality surrounding them, otherwise we live in a disgusting paradox where
your own happiness revolves around your surroundings, but your surroundings cause you no happiness. In the end, we just need to embrace reality. Walk into this new year as though nothing is different, as though nothing will change, cause that’s reality.

“I am Weisel, You are Weisel, We are all Weisel, Yet no one is Weisel.”



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